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Commercial relocation

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Commercial relocation

Machine transport Berlin - our speciality

Modern machines are not only usually large and heavy, they are also packed with sensitive electronics. So it's far too risky not to have such valuable machines transported by professionals. We transport everything that is large and heavy, but our speciality is and remains machine transport. We offer machine transport throughout Germany and of course especially in Berlin and Brandenburg (Potsdam, Brandenburg an der Havel, Frankfurt/Oder, Cottbus, Eberswalde, Neuruppin, Oranienburg, Luckenwalde, Bad Belzig, Perleberg, Prenzlau, Rathenow, Beeskow, Senftenberg, Werder, Forst, Herzberg, Nauen, Jüterborg, Falkensee, Eisenhüttenstadt, Teltow, Bernau, Templin, Fürstenwalde, Rheinsberg,...). We are also specialised for transporting heavy goods into cellars and basement floors.
For example: CNC machine, filling machine, baking machine, printing machine, refrigeration system, packaging machine, entire production lines, lift motors.

Heavy load special transport and heavy load forwarding

There are many success factors that need to be right for heavy goods and special transport.
Experience is essential when transporting large, dangerous or sensitive goods. Only those who can look back on a wealth of experience from hundreds of successful projects have the necessary tools for future assignments.
There is no substitute for planning when it comes to special transport. Anything that is not planned in advance will almost certainly become a problem. The first step towards successful implementation is therefore to avoid any potential problems in the first place.
Motivation ensures that no negligence occurs, even with recurring tasks. Even with seemingly identical projects, there is no routine or standardised plan for heavy loads.
The right tool is the guarantee that not only the fulfilment of the task is successful, but also that this is done safely and as quickly as possible. We therefore see ourselves not only as a service provider but also as a consultant who looks for suitable solutions for you that you may not even have considered yourself.

Heavy transport costs and prices - Special transport costs and prices

Transport, logistics, storage - Lanzell Schwerlast- und Spezialtransporte provides you with all this and much more throughout Germany in the highest quality, at transparent costs and at a fair price.

Heavy haulage and special transport is never cheap, because that would always be at the expense of safety and quality. What can be said with certainty, however, is that only experience and specialisation can really reduce prices and costs. Only those who have been able to find suitable solutions in countless projects can also plan the right approaches, the right means and tools for new problems. Often, simply choosing the right tools is enough to drastically reduce time and labour costs and thus prices and costs.

Why Lanzell machine transport?

Clean and reliable work is one thing, fair and reasonable prices are another. The two together need not be a contradiction in terms. We know what we are doing and that also reliably lowers the price. As a rule, we also provide you with short-term appointments and all-round professional support for your machine transport. We help to minimise downtimes and thus save you money. Because only when your machinery is working does it really work for you.

Machine transport is a matter of trust, especially when it comes to regular orders. Manufacturers and producers of machines depend on being able to deliver quickly and reliably in order to generate turnover and maintain valuable storage capacity. That's why we also offer our machine transport services to regular partners.

Machine insertion, machine storage, machine relocation,...

Even if the transport seems to be organised, problems still occur from time to time in the details. We are therefore not only a reliable machine transport forwarder, but also a specialised service provider for tricky extreme situations. One of our specialities is bringing in or removing machines under the most difficult environmental conditions. We use our experience to help when things get really tight or difficult. We also plan and realise internal relocations or storage of machines for our commercial customers.

With us, you can be sure... that your projects will be carried out safely and that the price will be right.

Interested in our services? Contact us and we will make you a customised offer.